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Events - Call Centers Events & Case Studies:

  • Call Center Conferences: conferences, call center meetings and call center demos directory for customer service, CRM, and marketing centers. National opportunities for networking on contact center operations, call management, improving center efficiency and ROI, performance management, software and hardware trends.

  • Seminars: schedules for Customer Service | Marketing | Telemarketing centers seminars for workforce management, call monitoring & agent call coaching, center performance, technology, contact center training opportunities.

  • Webinars: web seminars for CRM training in Customer Service, Marketing and Telesales centers. Online seminars or "Webinars" provided for agent and Contact Center Management training.

  • Case Studies: Online call management case studies for Contact Centers software, services, call outsourcing, and international centers.

  • White Papers: Call Center Online white papers on topics: call recording, maintaining contact service quality, contact center email management, improved call center communications, and more.

  • Press Releases: call center customer service and marketing contact center news for outsourcing, call center mergers, call center software, hardware.. news from international call management companies.

    Contact Centers Book Store:
    Call Center Customer Service | Call Centers | Telesales | Call Center Management | eBusiness Call Centers | Call Center Marketing | Call Center Computer Telephony

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