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Call Center News and Training:

  • Call Center Associations - Management associations for customer service and telesales call center industries.

  • Benchmarking - Benchmarking resources including call center benchmark software, studies, services and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Books - Marketing, Customer Service, Call Centers, CRM, Telecom, Telesales and Telephony Management books. Purchase professional resources at Teleplaza's online book store.

  • Publications - Call center customer service and direct marketing magazines, news sources, and other publications of interest to marketing and customer service professionals.

  • Legislation - Call centers and telemarketing legislation: directory of laws and Do Not Call (DNC) compliance legislation for customer service and marketing centers.

  • News-Letters - News providing call center direct marketing and customer service management newsletters both online and by email.

  • Research - Research Reports and contact center consulting services for KPI- Key Performance Indicators, metrics, ecommerce, market analysis, and all aspects of call management.

  • Seminars - Seminars and Conferences schedule for Customer Service | Marketing | Telesales Industries- management networking and education opportunities.

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