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TelePlaza provides an environment that facilitates the process of delivering relevant information to todays buyer through Demand Generation ... " The art and science of creating, nurturing, and managing buying interest in your products and services through campaign management, lead management, marketing analysis, and data management."

NEW - Partnership with CallCenterJobs.com!

Our new relationship with CallCenterJobs.com increases our reach within the call center community! TelePlaza is powering their new Community Resource Center - AND - creating the content for the CallCenterJobs Blog.

With over 14,000+* call center professionals making $70,000 and up in annual salary already visiting CallCenterJobs.com monthly, this is another opportunity to increase your visibility within the Call Center Community and start generating leads for your business!

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- The Social Media Influence:
The new CallCenterJobs.com web site is heavily invested in Social Media which is an important part of Demand Generation and the ability to distribute content to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time.

- Blog / Editorial Calendar:
Within the new community, TelePlaza will also be managing an Editorial Blog which is an "organized and categorized" collection of resources in the TelePlaza Directory which includes 6 Categories and 29 sub-categories of information and resources from suppliers to the Call/Contact industry.

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* CallCenterJobs.com reaches over 89,000 people every month looking for Quality Jobs from Quality employers. Fifteen percent (15.7%) or 14,000+ people indicate a minimum salary level of $70,000.

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