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TITLE: Guerrilla Teleselling: New Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Sell When You Can't Be There in Person (Guerrilla Marketing Series), by Jay Conrad Levinson, Orvel Ray Wilson, Mark S.A. Smith

Stress in call centers is a big problem. A new exclusive survey reveals that 98% of call center professionals experience at least one stressful call daily. Calls from irate customers are the leading cause of Tele-Stress.This problem demands common sense strategies that work. This book has them. You get a practical explanation of what stress is, how it affects your body and how to overcome it. You get easy to read short stories along with relevant cartoons. You get the most extensive and comprehensive survey ever conducted on call center stress. You get the experience of one of the leaders in the customer service and call center industry. Every call center agent should read this book.


TITLE: Secrets of Successful Telephone Selling: How to Generate More Leads, Sales, Repeat Business, and referrals by Phone by Robert W. Bly

For individual professionals or small business owners, here is a step-by-step program for using the phone to generate sales leads, qualify prospects, follow up, close sales, service accounts, get repeat orders,and ensure profitable returns.


Title: Telesales Tips From The Trenches: Secrets of a Street-Smart Salesman by Joe Catal
This 217-page book is for anyone who ever has to call a total stranger who has never heard of you or your company, and you're trying to ask him for money, an appointment, or get an information package in his hands on the initial call.
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Title : AMA Handbook for Managing Business to Business Marketing Communications. by J. Nicholas De Bonis(Contributor), Roger S. Peterson, Joe Vitale
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Title : Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing, Beckwith, Harry. Warner Books, 1997
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Title : Business to Business Direct Marketing: Proven Direct Response Methods to Generate More Leads and Sales. by Robert W. Bly
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Title : Maximizing Call Center Performance: 136 Great Ideas for Your Call Center by Madeline Bodin
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Title : Customers.Com: How to Create a Profitable Business strategy for the Internet and Beyond by Patricia B. Seybold (Contributor)
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Title : Encyclopedia of Telemarketing
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Title : The Complete Guide to Telemarketing Management by Joel Linchitz
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