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TITLE: Understanding Computer Telephony; How To Voice Enable Databases From PCs to Lans to Mainframes by Carlton Carden

Finally! A book that explains Computer Telephony technology in simple terms. New value added resellers (VARs) and CT veterans will gain a better understanding of the way CT works and when and how to use it. From basic phone connections to speaking and faxing on-line data, various CT technologies are described through a sample interactive voice/fax response application. Recent market studies indicate that 58% of US businesses will invest in CT solutions by 1997! Understanding Computer Telephony introduces VARs and system integrators to this exploding CT market and uncovers profitable opportunities. The market opportunities and technologies are reviewed in five easily referenced sections: 1. Market Opportunities: CT integration with current solutions, new applications development, and vertical market leverage 2.Telephone Connections: Analog, T-1, E-1, and ISDN 3. Caller Input: Caller ID, touch-tone, dial pulse detection, and speech recognition 4. CT Output: Digitized and synthesized speech, fax processing, call transfer, and out-dialing 5. Data Access: IBM mainframe and midrange, RS-232, LAN Xbase, and SQL/ODBC.


TITLE: The UnPBX - The Complete Guide to The New Breed of Communications Servers by Edwin Margulies (Editor)

There is an UnPBX in your future, and this book tells how it can start saving you money and time now. You may buy one as a business phone system. Or you may buy one as an ACD - automatic call distributor. Or you may buy it to handle your intra-company and Internet e-mails. Or you may use it to run your very own www.YourCompany.com Web site. Or you may buy it to handle your inbound and outbound faxes. Or you may buy it to automate your customers requests for information - like their bank balances, order status, appointment schedule. Or you may buy it to allow your people to "see" their e-mails, voice mails and faxes on a single screen on their desk. Or, you may use it to send your voice and fax calls over the Internet or your private data network. Or, you may use it for all or some of the above. An UnPBX is a remarkable device. It will revolutionize the way we handle all forms of office communications. All forms.


TITLE : Telephony for Computer Professionals by Jane Laino
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TITLE : Newton's Telecom Dictionary by Harry Newton
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TITLE : Internet & Computer Based Faxing; the Complete Guide to Understanding and Building IP and G3 Fax Applications, by Maury Kauffman
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TITLE : PC-Telephony; The Complete Guide to Designing, Building and Programming Systems Using Dialogic and Related Hardware, by Bob Edgar
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TITLE : How to Write an RFP for A Telecommunications Cabling System by Don Bodnar
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TITLE : Understanding the Voice Enabled Internet by Edwin Margulies
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TITLE : Audio Teleconferencing - The Complete Handbook by Edwin Margulies (Editor)
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TITLE : How To Cable The Home Office/Small Office by Ernie Brosch
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TITLE : Understanding Java Telephony by Edwin Margulies
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TITLE : The Complete Help Desk Guide by Mary Lenz
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