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Title: 23 Steps to an Effective Call Centre - by Real Bergevin
Developed for NuComm International managers and clients, "The 23 Steps to An Effective Call Centre" is a comprehensive model of call centre operations. From development of the call centre mission to tracking results, the model provides a powerful and complete "hands on" method of affecting results.

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TITLE: Call Center Management on Fast Forward : Succeeding in Today's Dynamic Inbound Environment by Brad Cleveland, Julia Mayben

The book provides a detailed, step-by-step plan for managing an incoming call center. Since it's debut last September, the book has become part of university, college and corporate training programs in over 15 countries. It is "required reading" for the management teams in numerous call centers, and is currently being translated into several other languages.


TITLE: The Call Center Handbook: The Complete Guide to Starting, Running and Improving Your Call Center by Keith Dawson

Need to know how to buy a switch? How to measure the productivity of agents? How to choose from two cities that both want your center? No problem. The Call Center Handbook explains it all. From technology primers to details about choosing and using specific products, the handbook is an indispensible guide for the call center manager. Tips about what works, and what doesn't. Checklists and worksheets. Help with operational problems, like managing people and technology. It's all in this book. Including info on switches, IVR, voice processing, call center peripherals, software, long distance and toll free services, outsourcing, agent training, monitoring, benchmarking, the Internet, disaster prevention and advanced call center networking. And that just scratches the surface.


TITLE: The Call Center Dictionary, by Madeline Bodin, Keith Dawson

This book is the key to understanding how call centers work. The language of the call center comes from many fields such as telecommunications, engineering, and computer programming, B marking, customer service and quality assurance terms loom large. The Call Center Dictionary explains them all in a way that is simple enough for a newcomer to grasp, but with enough depth to give insight to an old pro. It's a guide for everyone whose company does business by telephone. It not only tells you what a particular technology is, it tells you how using that technology can improve your relationship with your customers. (Or it warns you about bad techniques that can alienate customers.) It's for every call center manager or supervisor who doesn't always understand the techies' jargon. It's for all the call center technical personnel who can't always follow the managerial mumbo-jumbo.


Title : Maximizing Call Center Performance: 136 Great Ideas for Your Call Center by Madeline Bodin
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TITLE : Customers: Arriving With A History And Leaving With An Experience; How to Build Your Sales,Service or Help Desk Call Center To Please Customers by Andrew Waite
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TITLE : Call Center Buyer's Guide
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TITLE : Telestress
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TITLE : Building a World-Class Call Center
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Title : Wake Up Your Call Center : How to Be a Better Call Center Agent Customer Access Management, by Rosanne D'Ausilio
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Title : Callcenter Management : By the Numbers by Jon Anton, Jodie Monger (Contributor), Debra Perkins (Contributor)
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Title : Call Center Continuity Management by Jim Rowan, Sharon Rowan
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Title : Best Practices in Customer Service
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