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Call Center Outsourcing - Outbound
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1. Afni  Company Profile
Afni specializes in solving problems and helping their clients get the best performance possible.

2. The Connection  Company Profile
In business for over 35 years, The Connection blends people, strategy and technology to provide engaging experiences through call center services, call center consulting and training and development solutions. We believe that every customer experience is a journey, and everyone's journey unique which is why we offer the freedom to customize - finding the perfect combination of solutions to meet your business needs, as well as the flexibility to spread your wings and adapt your program as necessary once it is live.

3. InSO International Call Center  Company Profile
We are headquartered in Los Angeles with our call center in India. We serve clients across a spectrum of industries through accurate insight, and demonstrated abilities. We provide results-driven call center services for numerous companies nationwide. We specialize in order taking, sales, telemarketing, CS, tech support, collections, answering, etc. and we have specific results to prove our chosen niche: increasing your sales & retaining your customer base. You pay us ONLY if we perform. We make this claim since we are confident of our skills. Call us at 626 531 6080 to get a free qu

4. Allus
Allus Global BPO Center is the leading company in Latin America in providing BPO solutions. We provide services of high value and quality to a wide range of industries while becoming an extension of the client’s company.

5. Miratel Solutions Inc
Miratel is a North American based inbound/outbound call centre, eCommerce and mail house established in 2000 on a foundation of proven experience and accountability. We are seasoned in effective project management and highly skilled in managing dynamic campaign deliverables with tangible results. Miratel also abides by a strict corporate responsibility mandate that demands socio-environmental ethics be factored into our every business decision and process. We take pride in our integrity and dedication to excellence and are confident it will increase your success. Let us show you how today.

6. Grindstone Inc.
Our professional call center management staff has extensive experience to ensure the quality of each telesales campaign. Our proprietary recruiting methods allow us to attract top agent talent from many sources. We then match our agents to your specific campaign to professionally represent your company.

7. Advanced Marketing Solutions
AMS is a North American contact center which is uniquely focused on supporting clients with high value products and services. Advanced Marketing Solutions provides inbound response management for prospects and customers, personalized outreach and literature fulfillment for clients with individual sales of $10,000 - $100,000. AMS offers scalable and cost-effective services to maximize your profit impact and brand development from marketing programs.

8. Lawrence & Schiller TeleServices
L&S TeleServices has created a call center environment where Clients having modest needs operate effortlessly and complex applications simply flourish. But in the end, it’s all about the customer. We select companies who fit within the fabric of what we do, and then completely exceed their expectations. L&S has over two decades of professional call centers experience and as a result, you can expect unparalleled professionalism and service when working with the personnel of Lawrence & Schiller.

9. Ameridial
-Founded in 1987. 1500+ trained contact agents in centers around the world. 24x7 outbound/inbound/web agent custom programs, plus full direct marketing support. OUTBOUND: sales, lead generation and data collection. INBOUND: DR Sales/up-sell/cross-sell, and customer service specializing in health care, Direct Response Sales, Wireless and Satellite. E-BUSINESS: e-mail management and real-time live web chat. Top 50-Service Bureau since 1992.

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