EMS Inc.

Company Overview of EMS Inc.

As a recognized leader in Customer Service Outsourcing, EMS CRM (EMS) provides a 360 degree customer care program that meets all of your customer contact needs. We offer highly scalable and highly-efficient customer service and technical support solutions for all types of businesses. Each of our client’s programs are built from the ground up to meet their specific needs. EMS focuses on customizing solutions for programs of any size. This flexibility and customization allows for continued success of programs. When a solution is built for you instead of changing your program to fit a solution, the results are significantly greater.


EMS is interested in investing people and processes for your company and developing a partner relationship. Our end-to-end customer service offerings include, but are not limited to: inbound and outbound telephone services, e-mail response and support, CRM solutions, consulting, live chat, and IVR. EMS representatives are available 24 hours a day to supply your customers with the help they need when they need it.


Customer acquisition and retention are essential to an organization's success. Every EMS representative not only receives extensive program training but also thorough training in customer relationship management. Our representatives, in turn, provide outstanding customer maintenance and enhanced core relationships.


EMS CRM is a US based contact center with multiple locations in Nebraska, Colorado and Utah. We have provided superior customer service for numerous clients in both B2B and B2C markets. Because of the workforce pool situated around us, we are able to hire qualified candidates quickly and are constantly interviewing to ensure we always have a pool of potential employees ready for the next client engagement.


Our clients choose to utilize EMS’ outsourced customer support services because we provide them with the customized solutions they need at an affordable value. We provide outstanding customer care services at a highly competitive rate and our clients receive value at every level. Our clients receive world-class customer support, the most advanced technology, skilled customer care representatives, a tailored solution and full dedicated management team.


We provide outstanding program management support that exceeds all expectations. Customer success and satisfaction are paramount and are the ultimate goals for our business. In support, we believe assisting customers is both a privilege and a responsibility. We are committed to furthering our customers’ understanding of the full power and potential of our services. 

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