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SafeSoft Solutions is a leader in cloud-based call center software for businesses and call centers of all sizes. Their integrated call center solution includes a high-speed predictive dialer, feature-rich productivity suite, CRM, reporting tools and more that are used across multiple industries to drive revenue growth, lower cost-of-sales and improve operational efficiency. Their cloud call center software is a secure and reliable alternative to expensive and complex on-premise call center software.

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Market Dialer
Our cloud-based call center solution is one of the most scalable software packages available today. It’s simple and intuitive enough to address the needs of single-agent entities or call centers with small teams, yet powerful enough to satisfy the needs of large call centers with thousands of agents. And, because it’s a web-hosted solution, it can be accessed remotely from any Internet-enabled location around the world – making it the ideal predictive dialer system for distributed or virtual centers. And, the system is flexible enough to support any type of phone-based campaign – from cold-calling and prospecting, to surveys and market research. Regardless of the structure or purpose of your call center telesales efforts, or your business model, the Market Dialer can effectively meet the needs of all companies, across all industries.
Call Blitzer
Voice broadcasting is a powerful communication method that facilitates the fast, accurate transmission of important information to hundreds – or even thousands – of prospects, customers, business partners, or other community members. With voice broadcasting, pre-recorded messages are simultaneously delivered to very large groups of people via telephone. The SafeSoft Solutions suite of call center technologies includes a robust, full-featured voice broadcasting solution that empowers corporations, associations, government agencies, and other entities to communicate with clients and other audience members as rapidly and efficiently as possible. With Call Blitzer, organizations can: * Increase communication efficiency * Instantly deliver vital information * Enhance all types of communications
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