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Company Overview of IQ Services, Inc

Load Testing and Availability Monitoring For Contact Center and E-Commerce Solutions Easy. Fast. Affordable. Accurate. Interactive Quality Services (IQ Services) is a leader in load testing and availability monitoring for contact center and e-commerce business solutions.

When contact center managers need proof in advance that their contact centers and e-commerce solutions will withstand the stress of high–volume, real–world use — and when they want to make sure their systems perform during production, they turn to IQ Services. Since 1996, we've tested hundreds of contact centers, as well as voice and Web applications, for companies small and large, including many of the Fortune 500. Contact center managers rely on IQ Services for:

-Load testing: Go live with confidence

-Availability monitoring: Go home with confidence

-Specialized testing and professional services: Go to new levels of customer service with confidence

Technologies have changed, but our goal has remained constant: To provide easy, fast, affordable and accurate testing services. Contact us. Our goal, like yours, is complete customer satisfaction.

Product/Service Specific Information
Use StressTest to proactively exercise your contact center and communication system from end to end. With IQ Services' fast, easy, accurate and affordable testing services, you get detailed reports on your system's performance so you can find and fix problems faster. Before cutover into production, after major updates, and a benchmark for current performance, StressTest gives you confidence your systems are performing as expected.
HeartBeat availability monitoring proactively monitors your from end to end 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The HeartBeat places calls into your system just like an actual customer and immediately alerts you if your systems performs unexpectedly. You receieve detailed weekly reports with analyzed data and recordings of every call made to your system. HeartBeat let's you go home with confidence!
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