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Customer Acquisition is not just about setting appointments for this week’s leads – it’s about building a Pipeline of Sales Opportunities for your sales force and keeping your Pipeline filled with a stream of qualified leads for all your tomorrow’s. By focusing on your short AND long term needs, eti implements policies designed to foster annual growth.

Successful client retention and growth means understanding you don’t own your customers; that you must deserve every dollar of their business. Inherently you're aware that customer satisfaction is what motivates continued purchases. And that customer satisfaction derives from excellent client service, keeping on top of clients’ latent needs, and disciplined account management.

ETI can help you create and grow loyal clients!

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Product/Service Specific Information
Sales Lead Generation
Targeted, high level calling into selected prospect markets has been proven to be the most effective method to acquire new customers, increase sales leads, reduce the sales cycle, and to increase sales force productivity. ETI thus enhances ROI on marketing programs – regardless of whether the selling channel is via inside sales groups, field sales reps or partner channels.
Sales Lead Qualification
Our experience has shown that only a small percentage of incoming inquiries (averaging 5-10%) represent ready to buy customers at any one time. This means that if you require your sales force (or your channel partners) to qualify and quantify these inquiries they may spend as much as 60%-90% of their expensive time chasing prospects who are not ready to purchase.
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