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1. LeadMaster
- offers the ultimate closed loop CRM solution. By streamlining the contact center and connecting it directly with sales and marketing, LeadMaster maximizes both results and revenue. Collect valuable data from every touch point – telemarketing, websites, direct marketing, trade shows and more – in a centralized online database accessible instantly from any web browser. Track leads to promote timely follow-up, feedback and accountability. Measure ROI of every dollar spent to pinpoint the most successful campaigns.

2. Stratasoft, Inc. / Noble
Industry leading hosted or on-site VoIP, ASP and home/remote agent solutions from Stratasoft. Features include: Inbound: ACD, IVR, Intelligent routing, SLA performance. Outbound: Predictive, Preview, Progressive and Automated Dialing. Full call blending, dynamic branch scripting, dynamic lead builder, quality monitoring, digital voice recording and much much more. See the difference with a proven quality solution.