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1. EmployeeAnswers
Since 1996 EmployeeAnswers has helped call center professionals worldwide avoid bad hires, save thousands of dollars in training and administrative costs and increase their chances for success. Every candidate, job and workplace has its own personality. The EmployeeAnswers Profile helps identify the applicants that are likely to succeed in your job. Your "Job Match" is created using the duties of the job, your geographical location, your workplace environment, the management style and traits of top performers in the position.

2. LeadMaster
- offers the ultimate closed loop CRM solution. By streamlining the contact center and connecting it directly with sales and marketing, LeadMaster maximizes both results and revenue. Collect valuable data from every touch point – telemarketing, websites, direct marketing, trade shows and more – in a centralized online database accessible instantly from any web browser. Track leads to promote timely follow-up, feedback and accountability. Measure ROI of every dollar spent to pinpoint the most successful campaigns.

3. DigiCall
Ranked as one of India’s top Call Center / BPO by D & B. 24x7 Customer care, Technical Helpdesk, Order booking, Telemarketing and Lead Generation, Collection calls, Telephone Surveys, Back Office, Billing & Coding and Data Entry. ISO 9001:2000 for quality & ISO 27001:2005 for data security certified. Cost Effective Quality services. Call +1-877-299-3977 email

4. AnswerNet - Custom Telemarketing Services
Since 1987, Custom Telemarketing Services has been focused on outbound Business-to-Business (B2B) projects, primarily for smaller companies. As the owners of a small call center business, we know that our goal is clear: Help our clients get and keep their clients. Call: 1-800-379-2121.

5. Tooty Inc.
We have a track record of saving and making our customers money! We work with you to set up scripting and specific guidelines for each type of sales opportunity. Blending soft skills such as voice and polite wording with technical information unique to your products and services,insures accuracy, consistency, a higher closure rate and positive resolution to complaints.Training is industry specific and tailored for your company or organization.

6. FacetCorp
FacetPhone is an IP-PBX that completely integrates the company phone system with the user’s desktop computer. FacetPhone will produce immediate benefits through better customer service, higher productivity, and lower administrative costs. FacetPhone includes voice mail with unified messaging, presence management, auto-attendant, ACD, CTI, enterprise IM, and branch office support, all built on a robust UNIX/Linux engine.

7. Eden Corporation
Eden Help Desk is fully Internet-enabled for both internal and external call centers & IT Help desks. Open/close tickets through a browser or palm-held device. Speed turn-around time. End users access via web, ticket progress tracking, submit a request, or view a service bulletins. 80,000 entry KnowledgeBase for tech and end-user quick resolution. Integrated inventory mgt & polling, software defect tracking & IT project management. Comprehensive ticket tracking, extensive reporting and the ability to perform statistical analysis of call patterns among many other features.

8. TeleDevelopment Services, Inc.
Founded in 1991, TeleDevelopment Services supports hundreds of contact centers with over 50 years of collected experience with consulting, training, offshore and management recruiting services globally. Contact TDS to learn how we can assist you in improving the quality of your contact center while increasing your productivity and profitability. We have offices in the US and in the Philippines. Contact TeleDevelopment Services at 330-659-4441 to learn more.

9. Alexander Communications
During this special week, your organization can: 1. Boost morale, motivation and teamwork. 2. Reward frontline reps. 3. Raise companywide awareness of the importance of customer service. 4. Thank other departments for their support. 5. Let customers know about your commitment to customer satisfaction. The Customer Service Group makes it easy to plan your celebration with how-to information, tips and checklists; the highest-quality support materials; and inspiration from hundreds of managers sharing their celebration successes. Let’s get started…