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Credit Card Call Centers
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1. eGain  Company Profile
eGain is a leading provider of customer service and contact center software for in-house or on-demand deployment. Trusted by prominent companies worldwide, eGain has been helping organizations achieve and sustain customer service excellence for over a decade. 24 of the 50 largest global companies rely on eGain to transform their traditional call centers into multichannel customer interaction hubs, and to extend their service-based competitive advantage.

2. OneWorld Connections, Inc.
OneWorld Connections is a 330-seat customer interfacing facility providing comprehensive solutions for inbound, outbound, and live chat support and email response services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At OneWorld, we guarantee our clients the quality service and performance of US-based call centers at offshore rates. Contact us at 1-800-685-9124.

3. Star Processing
Star Processing is a full service payment provider. Star can provide for direct marketing merchants, servicing the mail order, direct response television, catalog and multi-level marketing industries.We can help with credit card, ACH, telephone payment and debit card products. As well as server to server, batch, POS and shopping cart services. We provide customer service rep's full access for inputting credit card and checking transactions. Our one of a kind virtual terminal allows for instant verification for you customer service rep's. We can take care of all your processing needs.

4. Arledge/Partners Real Estate Group
You can further review our services, locations where we have negotiated sites and preview site plans for those locations online or by contacting Susan Arledge at 214-696-4800.