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Airline Call Center Industries
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1. VoiceShot Virtual PBX
Cloud voice solutions include a cloud phone system. Virtual phone numbers with auto attendant and virtual phone system features that you would expect to find in an expensive PBX phone system. Outbound voice broadcast and automated appointment reminders. Voice & text notification and a voice IVR API for developers.

2. Direct Voice Solutions
Direct Voice Solutions is focused on offering best-in-class technology for Social Media Monitoring and Engagement, Dedicated Agent Solutions and Automated Agent.

3. IntelliResponse Systems Inc
IntelliResponse Virtual Agent technology provides intelligent, automated assistance that helps your consumers perform online tasks and get immediate answers to their questions in web, mobile and social channels

4. help IT data cleansing
helpIT systems provide a complete data bureau service for data cleansing, suppression and enhancement, utilising our own industry-leading software, the matchIT suite. Our expert techniques and reliable service have been proven by over 1000 companies over the last 10 years. Due to the fact we use software we have developed ourselves and have a team of experienced matchIT users, we can work to tight timescales and quote extremely competitive prices. helpIT systems' specialist data software utilizes the most powerful fuzzy matching algorithms on the market today.

5. Pacific ConneXion
Pacific ConneXion is an offshore outsourcer of both inbound and outbound call center support solutions. Outsourcing with Pacific Connexion is a cost effective alternative to on-shore or near-shore services due to its Philippine-based operations.

-Network of leading US call centers with offshore operations in the Philippines. Inbound and outbound services include DRTV, telemarketing, reservations, customer support, tech support, non-profit, surveys, cross selling, etc. Cost-savings of 40-60% vs. US rates