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Computer Telephony (CTI)
  IVR/VRU Voice Systems
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1. Voxeo IVR
Voxeo dramatically reduces the cost of common calls to and from any enterprise with voice powered, XML driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions - including Voxeo VoiceCenter IVR platforms, Voxeo VoiceCenter IVR hosting, Voxeo Evolution IVR developer solutions, and Voxeo Extreme IVR support and add-on services. Delight your callers and reduce your costs with Voxeo VoiceXML & CCXML based IVR.

2. VoiceShot Virtual PBX
Cloud voice solutions include a cloud phone system. Virtual phone numbers with auto attendant and virtual phone system features that you would expect to find in an expensive PBX phone system. Outbound voice broadcast and automated appointment reminders. Voice & text notification and a voice IVR API for developers.

NICE Interaction Analytics is a cross-channel analytics platform that enables companies to transform the valuable yet hidden information in customer interactions into business results, helping to prepare the workforce for handling customer interactions, shaping interactions in real-time, and continuously improving future interactions.

4. Plum Voice
The front lines of direct customer contact reside in the call center. Introducing a communications technology platform into the contact center helps to improve customer experience and reduce operating costs.

5. CallFinder
CallFinder’s call center analytics reporting solution uses powerful phonetic indexing technology to analyze speech and categorize every call into custom search definitions that you create, based on your business objectives.

6. Calabrio
Calabrio gives you the power of a single integrated solution for call recording, quality assurance, workforce management and analytics.

designs and manufactures computer plug in voice cards that connect a computer system to the telephone network to provide advanced phone services. For more than 15 years PIKA Technologies has been serving companies around the world that require voice cards to design sophisticated phone services for recording systems, voice services applications, PC-PBX systems, and conferencing systems. The company has built a reputation for delivering exceptional technical support by working closely with its customers.