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1. EmployeeAnswers
Since 1996 EmployeeAnswers has helped call center professionals worldwide avoid bad hires, save thousands of dollars in training and administrative costs and increase their chances for success. Every candidate, job and workplace has its own personality. The EmployeeAnswers Profile helps identify the applicants that are likely to succeed in your job. Your "Job Match" is created using the duties of the job, your geographical location, your workplace environment, the management style and traits of top performers in the position.

2. BenchmarkPortal  Company Profile
Our certification program combines Benchmarking, Agent & Customer Satisfaction performance standards which no other program offers. The statistics are determined through the World's Largest Database of Call Center Metrics.

3. SQM
Since 1996, Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group has been a leading North American research firm for benchmarking and tracking voice of the customer (VoC), first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (Csat) call center performance.

4. MetricNet  Company Profile
Their mission is to provide call and contact centers with the benchmarks needed to run a call center operation or business unit more effectively.

5. BenchmarkPortal
Whether you're looking to benchmark your center's performance against your competitor's, improve agent and customer satisfaction levels, or increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, you've found THE SOURCE.

6. EmployeeAnswers
specializes in Behavioral Assessment Testing for call center professionals. We analyze all positions from Telephone Reps. to Management and create a benchmark for every position based on your BEST employees. Included are six (6) different reports for facilitating the selection, development and retention process.