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Company Overview of HigherGround, Inc
HigherGround, Inc. is a premier software developer of call recording, data integration and reporting tools. These solutions are designed to deliver timely, accurate information for analytics and decision support to improve operations, performance and ultimately increase profitability. The company’s call recording, monitoring and reporting capabilities empower clients with knowledge and insight to monitor and verify phone and data transactions and radio transmissions, improve agent performance, optimize communications resources and provide a comprehensive view of the contact center’s performance. HigherGround’s proven solutions provide imperative business intelligence for sound decision making and bottom-line control for compliance monitoring, risk management and performance improvement. More information can be obtained by visiting www.highergroundinc.com.

Product/Service Specific Information
Fusion Series 7™
Whether you record calls full-time for compliance and risk management, or randomly for quality monitoring, Fusion Series 7 provides fast and easy-to-use options that simplify complicated tasks, satisfy your strictest compliance standards and give you the best value for your dollar. Fusion Series 7 is comprised of several innovative solutions that can be combined to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business: Praetorian Voice Recorder, Mentor QA Suite, Telecom BI Suite
Praetorian Voice Recorder™
The Praetorian Voice Recorder™ provides full-time liability recording, random recording for quality monitoring, API triggered (selective) and on-demand call recording options. With Praetorian you can digitally record and store agent-customer interactions to redundant hard drives, then instantly access and replay unlimited hours of call recordings directly from your desktop. It's that fast. It's that easy. In addition to monitoring phone and data transactions, a Praetorian Voice Recorder provides you with the resources to resolve customer disputes, comply with government and industry regulations, ensure quality performance, protect against liability and minimize risk.
Mentor Quality Assurance Suite™
The Mentor Quality Assurance Suite™ adds agent evaluation and screen capture capabilities to your Fusion Series 7™ system and gives you the tools to monitor, evaluate and improve agent performance, identify low-skill areas and set benchmarks for agent productivity. Recording and monitoring calls in conjunction with corresponding screen data allows you to have direct control over your contact center's performance. Mentor QA Suite™ provides the necessary tools to improve your agents' performance, and deliver quality service to your customers while presenting a consistent and accurate corporate message. With the Mentor QA Suite, you will ensure that every customer has the best possible experience whenever they call your company.
Telecom BI Suite™
The Telecom BI Suite™ gives you access to the telecom business intelligence located in your organization by analyzing quantitative business and customer data. This HigherGround tool provides reporting, multi-dimensional analysis, usage accounting, enterprise network licensing, multi-site integration, centralized collection and the replication of voice and data. True business intelligence and telecom data analysis enable managers to make educated decisions and develop targeted business strategies. This valuable information assists companies in evaluating their key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as improving their operations and bottom-line profitability.
HigherGround's Capture-911™ is a voice logging and radio transmission recording solution developed specifically to meet the compliance requirements and liability protection needs within the public safety communications market. Full-time recording is mandatory to comprehend and transcribe information and ensure dispatchers respond correctly to callers, provide appropriate assistance and follow procedures. Capture-911™ offers online storage for instant desktop access to recordings and removable hard drives for easy-to-access archived data. Users can differentiate calls by tagging them with customized public safety attachments for optimal analysis and fast reporting. Create a public safety system that will meet and exceed your expectations with optional modules including Report Commander Pro™, Agent Evaluator, DTMF, Ring Counter and Screen Capture.
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